How to Setup SIP Forwarding in AVOXI

SIP forwarding gives AVOXI Admins the ability to forward incoming calls to your AVOXI virtual number to a SIP address or PBX.  Just like a toll-free number can be forwarded to a landline or mobile telephone, it can also be forwarded to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or also referred to as SIP.  Forwarding to SIP works the same as call forwarding in that you can forward calls based on a specific action or preset rules. These rules can be configured or updated at any time via your AVOXI online portal.  

Use the below guides and quick links  to configure the SIP account all calls should be diverted too: 


  • First, log into AVOXI platform, and navigate to the Numbers section located on the left-hand navigation bar. 

  • Click on the SIP URIs tab located next to the "Manage" tab. 

  • Click on the ‘+ Add’ button to the right of the filter magnifying glass.

  • Clicking the ‘+ Add’ button will pop out the SIP URI configuration tool 

  • The SIP URI configuration tool consists of 3 configurable fields and 1 auto-generated preview field.
    • Name: Meaningful name of the new SIP URI configuration
    • Protocol: A transport protocol for your SIP URI configuration. AVOXI supports UDP, TCP, and TLS, for more information about the differences between these three protocols, please refer here!  
    • URI: This is the configurable URI you will be using to set up your forwarding. There are three components. 
      • The caller ID format is expected from the dialed AVOXI number, the three format options are e.164 with or without a ‘+’ and a custom DINS field.
      • The public domain name or IP address target used by your particular phone system. In this example, Twilio’s public domain is used. For more information about the diverse targets. 
      • Last, is the port to which your URI is listening, the default is set to 5060 but based on your solution, it may be different. 
    • Preview: This is a preview of your full SIP URI

  • Click ‘Add New SIP URI’ to save your configuration. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel out of the configuration tool. 

How to edit an existing SIP URI

  • Navigate to the SIP URI tab on the numbers page and click on the existing SIP URI configuration you would like to edit

  • Once you are on the edit page, make your changes to either the rule, protocol, or URI portion of your configuration and click save once satisfied 

NOTE: Editing this SIP URI will change SIP URI settings for all applicable numbers this configuration applies to.

How to delete an existing SIP URI

  • First, navigate to the SIP URI tab on the numbers page and click on the ‘Delete’ button next to the SIP URI configuration you would like to delete. 

  • When you click ‘Delete’, you will get a confirmation message verifying your choice. 

  • Click ‘I understand, delete this SIP URI’ to remove it from the list.

Adding SIP URIs to Routing rule targets

Once you have set up your new SIP URI, you can now set them as targets for your forwarding rules. Not only can you set SIP URIs for call forwarding rules, but also for Teams, Virtual Attendants, and timeout targets.  

For the below example, the SIP URI is being set as a Call Forwarding rule target:

  • Navigate to the number where you want to set your configured SIP URI 

  • Click the number and then the ‘Forwarding’ tab 

  • Click the edit button on the rule and navigate to the ‘Forward Calls To’ dropdown and select SIP and your preferred SIP URI

  • Once you are done selecting, click Save
  • Navigate back to the Numbers page to see that the target of that newly configured numbered is set to Forward to SIP

Firewall Configuration Settings

Below are our designated IPs that will need to be whitelisted to allow forward to SIP in AVOXI (If you don’t do this you will get an error message) 


Sales and Support Resource Quick Links

Support Internal Config Notes

  • IMPORTANT: A support agent is required to get a VoipMonitor sensor on the last leg of the calls so we can see what happens going to the customer. For our Twilio(all vendors) SIP integration, here are our designated IPs that will need to be whitelisted from Twilio to allow forward to SIP in Genius (If you don’t do this you will get an error message) 

Support FAQ

  • We have customers who send out the domain or IP address will both be accepted? Yes DNS and IP will be accepted.

  • Is this functionality available to Flex customers that are on Genius?  Yes customers like Navex will have access to this forwarding option

  • What is the default number format:  It will be in E164 format

  • On the time-out seconds is 60 seconds the standard?  It is based on the customer need although we recommend 60 seconds if a customer has no preference

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