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AVOXI Call Forwarding feature allows businesses and individuals to forward incoming calls to another destination. Users have the ability to automatically route inbound phone calls to another platform such as a mobile phone, alternative office number, location, or PBX.  Using pre-set rules calls can also be set to route to different numbers at different times of the day.

The "active time" functionality allows you to conduct business and maintain your professional image, regardless of your office location or time zone. This helps businesses around the world run smoothly and stay in touch with important contacts, customers, or suppliers.  

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Configure your Call Forwarding 

  • Begin by logging in to your AVOXI Account
  • Once you've successfully logged in, click the Numbers tab located on the left-hand navigation bar. 
  • Then, select the phone number for which you wish to set up your Call Forwarding.
  • Tips & Tricks: The phone number that you are forwarding calls from is usually your business phone line or any other primary contact phone number where you receive your incoming calls.
  • You will now be directed to the number profile and configuration menu.
  •  Next, click the "Forwarding" tab located above the configuration menu. 

Apply Forwarding Rules to Route Your Calls

  • Click “+Add New Rule” located on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  • To create your forwarding "rule, click the pencil icon. 
  • Rule Name 

    • Start by giving your new rule a descriptive name to help you identify it later.
  • Disabled 

    • Toggle ON to temporarily disable this forwarding rule or toggle OFF to keep the rule active.
  • Setting Active Times

    • As an advanced feature, you have the option to set specific active times for when the rule should apply. 
    • Select the start date for when the rule should begin and end. 
    • To apply the rule indefinitely, set the end date to never. “Active Days” and “Time” allow you to set specific days and times when the rule should be active.
  • Caller ID

    • Next, decide how you’d like incoming calls to display on your phone’s screen.  
    • Show Dialed Number” will display the number that the call is being forwarded from. 
    • Show Caller’s Number” will display the number of the incoming caller.
  • Rule Timeout (Seconds)

    • Set how many seconds the call should ring before the next rule is applied or the call is diverted to an alternate destination such as a voicemail (as a rule of thumb 5 seconds is one ring. We recommend at least 30 seconds for optimal configuration).  
    • Tips & Tricks: Zero (0) will set the rule to never timeout. When forwarding to a Call Queue or a Virtual attendant, this timeout will NOT be taken into account. 

Forwarding Calls To (Routing Calls)

Now you're ready to send your incoming calls to the new receiving phone number or device. During this step, you’ll select the destination that you want to forward your incoming calls.

  • Using the dropdown menu choose your forwarding destination. Your choices include external number, user extension, team, virtual attendants, or voicemail and SIP Forwarding.
  • When forwarding calls to an external number make sure you enter the plus sign followed by the country code before entering the number. 

WARNING: Only License holders can forward a user extension, call group, or team

Forward Calls to Voicemail

  • To set the number to go directly to voicemail, set the timeout to 1 sec and set the "Forward calls to" section to voicemail. (NoteVoicemail cannot be enabled in a Call Forwarding rule until the voicemail feature has been configured.  Use the following guide to set up your voicemail.)

  • On completion, select the Save button.

Forwarding Calls to Virtual Attendant 

  • To set the number to go directly to an IVR, set the timeout to 1 sec and set the "Forward calls to" section to "Virtual Attendant" (Note: Before forwarding calls to your Virtual Attendant, ensure you configure a Virtual Attendant.)

  • On completion, select the Save button.

Forwarding Calls to SIP 

  • Once you have set up your new SIP URI you can now set them as targets for your forwarding rules. (For the below example, the SIP URI is being set as a Call Forwarding rule target).
  • Navigate to the number where you want to set your configured SIP URI 
  • Click the number and then the ‘Forwarding’ tab 
  • Click the edit button on the rule and navigate to the ‘Forward Calls To’ dropdown and select SIP and your preferred SIP URI

  • Once you are done selecting, click Save

  • Navigate back to the Numbers page to see that the target of that newly configured numbered is set to forwarding to SIP

  • Firewall Configuration Settings
    Below are our designated IPs that will need to be whitelisted to allow forward to SIP in Genius (If you don’t do this you will get an error message) 

Important Tips & Tricks

  • Rules can be arranged in the order of preferred execution.
  • You can add several rules with different active times to cover multiple time zones.
  • Be careful of time conflicts, if two rules have conflicting active times, you may encounter an error that will prevent your call from reaching its final destination. To prevent forwarding conflicts, make sure none of your active times overlap.
  • Before selecting extensions, call groups, call queues, or virtual attendants ensure these are set up.
  • Voicemail cannot be enabled in a Call Forwarding rule until the voicemail feature has been configured.  
  • AVOXI does not offer simultaneous forwarding.  Rules can be set with overlapping active times in case the first action doesn't answer, the call will be routed to the second.
  • You can edit your rule at any time by clicking on the pencil icon. 
  • You can also disable and enable rules at any time using the toggle beneath the rule name. 
  • To delete the rule entirely simply click on the trash can icon.  

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