Creating Teams

Teams is a modern and collaborative feature available to AVOXI License holders.  The contact center feature was designed to increase agent productivity and enhance teamwork by organizing, filtering, and formally grouping users/agents. 

Grouping Examples:
  • Users who share a common set of outbound caller IDs
  • Users who represent a department
  • Users that need to be reported on together
  • Agents who receive inbound queue calls
  • Agents who receive inbound calls and make outbound calls
  • Users that want to search for in the contact list easily

Manage Teams

  • To create a team, start by selecting the "Teams" icon located on the left-hand side navigation bar. 
  • Then, select the "+Add" button in the top right-hand corner. 

  • Enter a "Team Name"
  • Enter an extension for the team
  • Select your ring to strategy.  Choose from Round Robin, Least Used, or Ring All.
  • Set your timeout (in seconds). If you want your caller to stay in the queue until an agent picks up, keep your timeout at 0.  AVOXITip: This will also control the amount of time a queue callback call remains in the queue.
  • Once you've completed the required fields, select the "Add New Team" button. 

AVOXI Tip: Create dispositions, also called labels, to define the outcome of a call.

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