Assigning / Un-assigning Licenses to Genius Users

Once you’ve purchased your licenses and added your users, it’s time to assign those licenses to your users. 

  1. Select the user's icon on the left-hand side navigation bar.  
  2. Select the desired user’s name to update their licensing.  
  3. Use the drop-down menu next to the License to select the user’s license type.
  4.  The drop-down menu for licenses shows a quick view of the assigned/total license count. This makes it easy for Admins to keep track of license utilization and order more as needed.
  5. Once you select a license for a user, you will need to enter an extension as all licensed users require an extension. 
  6. Select Save to complete



  • Assigning/un-assigning licenses to users does not impact your monthly invoice.
  • It is a good practice to have the user log out and log back in after any licenses changes have been applied to a user.

Unassigning a license in Genius

To unassign a license, follow the steps outline above.  Once on the user profile, click the drop-down menu next to the License and select unassign. 

You will then will see a pop-up screen asking "Are you sure you want to unassign the license from the user?"  If you are 100% sure you wish to proceed to click the blue OK button.



You can not undo the un-assigning of a license.  It is a good practice to have the user log out and log back in after any license changes have been applied to the user. 

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