Setting up Voicemail on a Number

Available with your AVOXI account,  the "Voicemail to Email" feature delivers voicemail messages directly to your inbox as an Mp3 audio file and offers unlimited voicemail storage. 

Use the below step to configure your voicemail settings on a number via your AVOXI online portal.

  1. To get started, log in to your AVOXI account.
  2. Select the "Numbers" icon located on the left-hand navbar.
  3. Next, select the "Phone Number" to set up the voicemail. 
  4. Next, click on the "Voicemail" tab. 
  5. Next, Click on "Edit Voicemail Greeting" 
  6. On the "Create Voicemail" popup, you can now create your voicemail.  
    1. Name - Enter a Voicemail Name for future reference.
    2. Send Inbox Voicemails To - Select the relevant number you have forwarded to voicemail.
    3. Choose Greeting - For your voicemail greeting, you have three different options:
      • Pick from Library: Choose one of our preloaded recordings by selecting the dropdown arrow and the "Save Voicemail" button.
      • Record Voicemail Greeting: Record your greeting.  Select the record button to start recording.  Once finished, select the stop button.
    4. Upload a File: Upload a file your company already has by dragging and dropping the file or selecting upload, then choosing Save Voicemail.
    5. Tips & Tricks: In the audio file dropdown, you can Preview and Download a file by pressing the blue play and the grey download button.
    6. Finally, set the email address where you would like your voicemails to be routed.  If no email is entered, the greeting will not save. 
    7. Lastly, click "Save Voicemail" to confirm your settings

Note: There is no limit to the number of Voicemails you can store.  You cannot delete a recording from within the UI as a customer but can contact customer support to assist you with your request. 

Tips & Tricks:  Do not forget your call forwarding rules to include your voicemail; use our guides to update an existing voicemail or download your voicemails.

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