Live Teams Dashboard

Live Teams dashboard is available to all Enterprise License holders and gives Admins the ability to coach their agents on live calls. In addition to being able to Pause agents, the administrator can monitor, whisper, and barge calls based on the need for the call. 

  1. Log in to your AVOX account.
  2. Select the "Live" section located on the left-hand navigator.
  3. Next, select the "Live Teams" tab.
  4. On the "Live Teams" tab, use the search filter to display what "Teams" you want to monitor. 
  5. Save default filters for Live Teams by navigating to the three dots icon to the far right of the filter search bar and clicking 'Save as Default Filters
  6. Once the Teams are selected, separate cards will display for each team. Genius Tip: The maximum amount of teams to display on the Live Teams dashboard is 10.

NOTE: A single call in Team Activity can show as multiple calls within the Team Analytics dashboard as the call may have been processed by multiple teams.

Team Card Information Displayed

Team name: Name of the team

Last Updated: Time at which the card last refreshed with live data

Agents (this may change): Total amount of agents on a team

Inbound: Total amount of direct inbound calls for the team

Outbound: Total amount of outbound calls for the team

Team Calls: Total amount of inbound team calls

Agent Information Displayed

Agent Name: Name of the Agent

Status: Time duration of the agent in the current agent call status.

Last Call: Time duration since an agent last took a call. 

Pauses: Amount of times the agent has been paused. 

Call Waiting Summary

Calls Waiting: Number of calls currently waiting

Avg Wait Time: Average wait time for "all" inbound queue calls until they are answered

Max Wait Time: Maximum wait time for waiting calls

Genius Tip: Learn more about Live Teams

Call Waiting Details

Time: Time of day that the call arrived

Caller ID: Outbound caller-ID of the caller

Wait Time: Amount of time the call has been waiting

Pressing the three dots next to the call allows the action of 'Answer Call'

Genius Tip: Learn more about Answer Call functionality.

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