Understanding and Managing Your Agent Status

The "Agent Status" functionality is a popular contact center tool that helps agents show if they are available to field calls or if the call should be redirected to an available agent. AVOXI will automatically route calls based on the "Agent Status" at that particular time. 

Agent Statuses and Meanings

By default, AVOXI includes the following statuses: 


An agent is available for incoming calls and transfers and can make outbound calls.

On A Call

An agent can not receive incoming calls but can still make outbound calls.


An agent who is paused and does not take new queue calls can make outbound calls.

On Break

An agent is on a break and will not take new queue calls.

Gone Home

An agent is off shift and cannot take queue calls or transfers until they log on and change their status to Available.

In A Meeting

An agent is in a meeting and will not take new queue calls or transfers until the meeting is over.

At Lunch

An agent is in a meeting and will not take new queue calls or transfers until they return.


Outbound and Inbound direct calls will show as "Ringing" on the web phone. 


An agent is busy and unavailable to receive incoming calls.

Answering Call dispositions

 An agent can not receive incoming queue calls but can receive call transfers and make outbound calls.


The system has detected a dropped registration and the phone didn't automatically re-register within the next 50 seconds, therefore the agent was logged out automatically. This is to prevent users from remaining logged in and getting missed calls.


An agent is logged out of the system.

Please Note: Inbound and Outbound direct calls do not reference a status, meaning you can still receive or make direct calls regardless of agent status.


Custom Webphone Statuses

Your organization can set up additional webphone statuses for your agents to utilize. See article here on how to update which statuses are available for your organization (requires admin rights).


Default Status on Login

Your administrators can set up a default status for each Agent which they will be set to when they login to Genius. This allows your Agents to be set to a Paused status when they initially login each day so they do not immediately take calls. See article here on how to update the default status for a given Agent.

Updating your Agent Status

Adjusting your agent status helps your team know if you are available to take a call.  As an agent, you can update your status anytime via your web phone.

  • Login to your AVOXI dashboard (only applies to License holders).
  • Agent status can be found in the top left-hand corner of your webphone
  • To update your status, simply click the down arrow, and select the relevant status from the dropdown list.

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