Uploading In Queue Audio for Teams

Admins have the ability to upload custom  "In Queue Audio" to your call queue. 

To get started select the "Teams" icon located on the left-hand side navigation bar, then select the team for which you wish to update yours in queue music.

Tip: In Queue Audio music will play when a caller is placed on hold in a queue.  This is separate/different from the "on hold" music the caller will hear if placed on hold by an Agent.

Then, click the Settings tab located at the top, followed by the In Queue Audio tab.

Then select +Add to upload in queue audio.

Enter a custom file name and either drag and drop your audio file or select the upload icon .  

AVOXI Tip You can upload multiple files that will play in order.  Make sure your audio files are saved as .wav.

To complete, select Submit.

NOTE: It is not yet possible to delete greetings created using the Admin interface. If you wish to delete prompts that are no longer needed please email our support team at service@avoxi.com

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November 23rd, 2020


Lauren Hundley

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