Friendly Names for Phone Numbers

The Friendly Names for Phone Numbers feature allows admins to assign user-friendly labels to numbers in their organization.  

The friendly names assigned to these phone numbers are displayed throughout the application to make each number easily distinguishable.

Assigning a Friendly Name to a Number

An admin can assign a friendly name to a number by navigating to the Numbers page in the left navigation and selecting a number to update.  

From there, the friendly name for that number can be updated in the 'FRIENDLY NAME' field under the Profile -> Configure number section and saved by clicking the checkbox.  

The friendly name needs to be less than 30 characters prior to saving.

Note: If the friendly name has been updated but not yet saved, the 'X' button next to the Save button will clear the entry.  Once the friendly name is saved it will not be cleared by the 'X' button and will need to be removed from the field and saved again.

Once saved, the FRIENDLY NAME column on the main Numbers page will now display the updated friendly name:

Once assigned, a friendly name can be used when applying a filter on the Activity page as well as the Numbers page in Analytics.

The friendly name is also displayed when selecting the outbound caller ID.

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