Mobile App Installation (iOS)

Use the following steps when installing the AVOXI Mobile App on an iOS device. 



Some countries have restrictions in place that prevent users from installing and using the AVOXI mobile app in its original form. If you are located in China or another restricted area, please use the following instructions.

Accessing the AVOXI Mobile App from a Restricted Area

  1. Search for ‘AVOXI’ in the app store. Install the app.
  2. You will land on the login screen when you first open the app. Log in using either login option.
    1. Enter your username and password.
    2. Or use the QR Code. To find the QR code, log in on the web browser and navigate to My Account > Mobile QR Code
  3. Once logged in, you will need to grant the application permission to access your device:
    • Notifications: allows the device to receive calls while the device is asleep or while the app is running in the background in addition to other notifications
    • Microphone access: necessary to make and receive phone calls, this permission must be granted when making your first phone call
  4. Your app is now ready for use!

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