Agents Reports

Available to all AVOXI License holders, AVOXI Admins can view the analytics on all agents, allowing them to make thoughtful and informed decisions.  

  1. Select the "Analytics" section located on the left-hand side of the navigation.
  2. Select the "Agents" tab. 
  3. Click the "Agents" box.
  4. Date and Timezone
    • Use the date picker in the top right corner to select the desired date range.
    • By default, the dashboard will use your account Timezone
    • Using the shortcuts to select the time interval 

  5. Filter by one or multiple teams for your dashboard visualization using the "Filter by Teams" drop-down located on the top right-hand side.
    • Genius Tip: The user list is now sorted alphabetically for ease of use  

Your dashboard will automatically update based on your filter criteria

Agents Dashboard Metrics

The Agent Report provides a complete view of the call activity for all current agents. It can be easily filtered by Team (for agent groups) and timeframes.


View each agent's metrics

Team Calls

  • Team Calls Answered: This is the number of inbound calls your agents answered. Does not include calls which were not directly answered by Agents (e.g. IVR, Direct Calls, Calls routed to a team then abandoned).
  • Team Calls Unanswered: Calls that alerted one or more Team members but were not answered.
  • Average Waiting Time: This is the average time a call remains in the Team until an agent answers it. It does not include missed or abandoned calls.

Direct Calls

  • Inbound Direct Calls: Total amount of direct inbound calls answered by each agent
  • Total Outbound Calls: Total amount of outbound calls answered by each agent

Talk Time

  • Average Talk Time: The agent's average time to handle a call. This does not include ring time or hold time.
  • Total Talk Time: This is the total amount of time an agent spends talking to a caller. This does not include ring time or hold time.

Genius Tip: If you have the permission to do so, you can use the Share Report, Download, or Schedule reports features to share/download real-time metrics.

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