Agents Outbound Call Reports

As a Genius Admin, you have the ability to view your "Outbound Call" metrics which gives you the ability to monitor your outbound call activity at an organizational level.

  1. To view or create your "Outbound Calls" dashboard select the "Analytics" section located on the left-hand side navigation. 
  2. Then click the "Outbound" tab.
  3. Using the "Filter by Number" filter by one or multiple numbers for your dashboard visualization.  
  4. Using the"Filter by Users" filter by one or agents   
  5. Date and Timezone
    1. Use the date picker located on the top right corner to select the desired date range
    2. By default, the dashboard will use your account Timezone
    3. Using the shortcuts to select the time interval 

Understanding your Outbound Calls Dashboard

  1. Total Calls: Is the number of outbound calls on your selected number/user
  2. Answered Calls: Is the number of outbound calls answered on your selected number/user
  3. Unanswered Calls: Calls on your selected number/user that were not answered
  4. Total Call Duration: This is the total amount of time an agent has spent talking to a caller on the specific number
  5. Avg Duration: the average duration agent takes to handle a call on a specific number
  6. Max Duration: the maximum duration calls have been handled on a specific number

Monitor and measure outbound "Call Distribution" statistics.

Genius Tip: If you have the permission to do so, you can use the Share Report, Download, or Schedule reports features to share/download real-time metrics.

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