Queue Callback FAQ's

Do I need a license for Queue Callback?

Yes.  The Queue Callback feature is only available to Enterprise License holders. Admins can upgrade a license at any time via their Genius online platform. 

Can I create my own callback prompt?

Yes. Prompts can be customized and updated at any time by an Administrator, learn how here!

Am I charged while my call remains in the queue? 

No. Once the caller requests a callback all call charges will pause until the caller receives the callback. 

Will my call still be recorded?

If the call recording is enabled both legs of the call (inbound call and callback) will be recorded, this will however reflect as one recording, showing the call direction as an inbound call.  Agents have the ability to pause recording via the webphone.

Am I required to enter my contact information when requesting a callback?

No.  Genius will automatically collect the callers' contact information and end the call.  The call will remain in the queue, automatically route to the next available agent, and dial the customer back.  

What happens if a caller chooses to stay on hold? 

The caller will remain in the queue and hear the configured hold music until an agent becomes available. 

What is the compatible dialing format? 

The feature was built to be compatible with the international E.164 dialing format.

How are callback calls charged?

The queue management tool helps businesses reduce call costs as calls are only charged while the caller is on the line. Queue callback works like an enhanced forwarding feature, meaning when the customer calls your business the call is billed the inbound rate associated with the number they called. When the customer receives the callback, the call is billed using the terminating (outbound) rate attached to the number the customer originally called into. 

Will the callback be free if I am using an Unlimited Agent Plan? 

No, if the Queue Callback feature is enabled the callback call will not be free of charge.  The applicable terminating rate will however be substantially lower than the standard rate charged when dialing manually from the webphone. 

Does Queue callback support international callbacks? 

Yes.  However, we can not guarantee the callback feature will work in all countries, as the outbound callback to the caller will use the CLI from the inbound call.  Due to carrier restrictions, we are not permitted to send local calls over an international trunk.  In addition, select countries will not allow us to show a toll free number as the CLI as they require us to show a geographical number.

Will abandoned callbacks impact Service Level?  

Yes. Abandoned and missed calls will impact your team SLA's.

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