Enabling and Disable Queue Callback Feature

The Queue Callback feature is only available to Enterprise License holders, use our easy to follow guide to upgrade.  The queue management feature gives Admins/Supervisors the freedom to activate or deactivate the feature based on agent availability and call volume. For a full description of how Queue Callback functions, please click here.

Enabling/Disabling Queue Callback

Use the below step-by-step guide activate the Queue Callback feature:

  • Login in to your AVOXI account as an Admin/Supervisor
  • Click the "Teams" section located on the left-hand navigation bar (1)
  • Under the "Team Name" column select the "Team" for which you wish to activate the Queue Callback feature (2) 
  • AVOXI Tip: Queue Callback is configured at a team level, not an organization level.  This gives Admins/Supervisors the ability to activate the callback functionality on select teams.  We recommend you set your Ring Strategies to Round Robin, also view our team configuration guide.
  • On the "Settings" page select the "Queue Callback" feature tab (3)
  • If you are currently a Contact License holder, you can use the upgrade link and user guide to upgrade now.
  • Use the toggle switch to enable/disable Queue Callback on your selected "Team" (4)
    • AVOXI Tip: The toggle shows grey when disabled and blue when enabled. 
    • AVOXI Tip: Existing waiting calls will not be affected if the callback feature is disabled while there are callers in the queue waiting for a callback. 

Setting Queue Callback Timeout

This is the timeout setting predicating the maximum time that a callback call waits in the queue before being counted as abandoned. The minimum value is 1 minute and the maximum value is 240 minutes. (5)

AVOXI Tip:  Administrators have the ability to configure custom Queue Callback prompts

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