Queue Callback Default Prompts

When enabled the Queue Callback feature will automatically use the below default prompts:

Callback Request Prompt  

This is the prompt callers will hear when calling into your business.

"Good day all agents are currently busy assisting other customers, if you would like to receive a callback please press (*) now, you will not lose your place in the line.  Alternatively please hold for the next available agent."

Callback Confirmation Prompt

This is the message callers will hear after selecting the callback option.

"Thank you for requesting a callback, the next available agent will call you back as soon as possible. Good Day"

Callback Agent Alert

This is the alert message the agent will receive when automatically receiving the queue callback request from the queue.

"This is a callback call, beginning call"

Genius Tip:  These prompts can be customized and updated at any time, learn how here!

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November 11th, 2020


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