SMS Forwarding - Charges and Billing Example

How SMS Forwarding Works

SMS forwarding works by routing incoming text messages to the recipient's email address in the AVOXI platform. All logos, pictures, and email signatures will be removed from the reply message to make it look like a "text message" This allows you near real-time conversations with your customers using a communication method they already utilize and prefer.

SMS Forwarding Pricing and Highlights

AVOXI offers six different forwarding packages depending on the number of incoming SMS messages needed. Each package has a different number of included messages, and our plans range from a starter package to larger, more dynamic business packages. Once subscribers exceed a certain number of texts included in their packages, they are billed a nominal rate per incoming text message.

SMS Billing Example

SMS subscriptions and usage charges are visible on the second page our your AVOXI Invoice.

  • Messages of 160 characters will be broken into two messages. 

    • Example: A 400 characters message is three messages (160+160+80).  

    • It works the same as billing increments but is based on the number of characters.

  • Inbound messages and outbound responses are charged as two individual messages. 

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