Understanding and Viewing Credit Limit

As an AVOXI Admin or Billing Admin,  you can quickly view your balance, payment method, invoices, and payment history at any time via your AVOXI User Interface

  • Log into your AVOXI User Interface
  • Select the "Home" section at the top of your left-hand navigation bar and then select. Billing
  • On the "Overview" homepage, you can view your outstanding and current balance, credit limit, last payment amount, and your selected payment method.

Understanding Credit Limits

As mentioned in Section 5.6 of our Terms & Conditions, "Credit limits are set for each Customer Account. Customers will receive multiple notifications if their account balance approaches their credit limit, starting when their balance reaches eighty percent (80%) of their credit limit. Service will be suspended if the account balance reaches the credit limit. Notwithstanding payment terms, Customers acknowledge and agree that they may have to make interim payments to avoid suspension of service if the balance nears the credit limit before the monthly invoice is released".  

Invoices are delivered to the configured billing email address and can be viewed via your AVOXI Genius account.

Like most companies, AVOXI uses credit limits for two main reasons:

Protect against fraud

Typically, the credit limit is set based on your usage and the monthly fees associated with your AVOXI services. This way, if a hacker were to obtain access to your network, there would be a limit to fraudulent charges. Again, this benefits our customers because you are responsible for paying call charges if your system is hacked.

Limit financial risk

We are pleased to offer many of our customer's payment terms rather than requiring pre-payment. To do this, we must assess each customer and determine a reasonable credit limit. Credit limits are determined solely at the discretion of AVOXI management. 

Increasing a Credit Limit

You may request an increase in your credit limit by emailing service@avoxi.com. Please note that AVOXI will not consider a  credit limit increase if your account has a past-due balance

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