Viewing and Understanding SIP Trunking Charges

All new SIP Trunks configured via AVOXI online platform will be billed the monthly recurring charge of $19.99. This includes customized authentication and transportation protocols and unlimited concurrent channels. In addition, outbound calls will also be charged per minute for usage per your standard rate plan. A link to these rates can be found within your online platform on the SIP Trunking homepage.

Configuration & Usage/Calling Charges

The configuration charges will be shown as 'SIP Trunk MRC' under the Subscription Details.

When adding a SIP Trunk, you can add a recognizable name (using letters, numbers, and spaces - no special characters will be allowed). This name will be visible under "Usage Charges" in your monthly invoice's "Account ID" column.


Per our Terms & Conditions, our Fair Usage Policy includes up to 100 channels in our service as standard capacity at no additional cost. While we do not currently block or limit usage over 100 channels, we monitor this closely for any abuse or excessive use.

Understanding Call Legs and Charges

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