Admin Training - Module 6: Number Management

Your contact center is a business powerhouse, and phone numbers are a crucial tool to its success.  In this section, we cover how to add, set up, and monitor your business numbers within your AVOXI online platform.  

Adding Numbers

Setting Up Call Forwarding on Numbers

Creating a Voicemail on Numbers

Creating a Virtual Number

Monitoring your Numbers

All users can view all Toll-Free, Local (DID, DDI), Mobile, and TrueLocal AVOXI virtual numbers associated with your company's account can be viewed on the Numbers Dashboard of your AVOXI online platform.   

View your numbers

  1. Select the "Numbers" section in the left-side navigation bar to view your numbers. 
  2. This will redirect you to your organization's "Number Dashboard," and on the " Manage tab," you can now view all numbers associated with your account.
  3. Phone Number: Under the "Phone Number" column, you can view a list of all active phone numbers.
  4. Local Format - Always verify the local dialing format in the number country of origin; more information can be found here
  5. Friendly Name - This allows admins to assign user-friendly labels to numbers.
  6. Country & Number Type - Toll-Free, Mobile, or Fixed Line. 
  7. Services Enabled - This column will show which services are enabled on that particular number (example: Voicemail / Call Recording / SMS/TrueLocal).
  8. Target Destination - How incoming calls to a specific number will be answered (example: forward to an external number/voicemail/extension/SIP Forwarding/MS Teams) and to who the number is assigned.


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August 3rd, 2022


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