Testing your IVR

  1. Time to respond: How long do callers spend on the IVR system before they reach an agent?  
    • When you call your IVR system and select an option that should take you to a live agent, how long do you wait on hold? 
    • If the average hold time is too long, you may want to re-assess your call routing configuration, or even revisit your agent schedule.
  2. Does your IVR greeting provide enough company information?
    • While some customers may contact your business for support, others may simply be looking for company information. 
    • You can help these customers by including basic information, including hours of operation and business address, in your IVR system greeting.
  3. Are your menu choices clear and concise?
    • Your callers are busy people; they don’t have time to sit on the line and listen to a lengthy welcome message and endless menu options.
    • When you are testing your IVR, pay special attention to the menu options, and keep your customers’ top needs in mind. The best IVR menus are short, simple, and to the point.
  4. Are incoming calls being routed properly?
    • If your customers press 1 for sales and are instead routed to the customer support department, you might have a problem with the routing configuration that supports your IVR system. Luckily, most hosted IVR applications allow you to access and adjust your call routing rules through a web-based user portal. This lets you make changes to your IVR set up quickly and easily.

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August 27th, 2019


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