Singapore TrueLocal 2-Way Calling Number

AVOXI TrueLocal Calling is a 2-way calling voice number that is available on selected Singapore DID/National numbers. Compatible with both landline and mobile calling the service give users the ability to make and receive inbound and outbound calls using the same number. Using the same number for the call back helps increase the answer rate and builds trust and credibility.  

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This service can be activated in the following cities:

  • National Numbers only

Making Outbound Calls

When sending calls from a SIP trunk or your AVOXI Webphone you should dial all numbers in E.164 number formatting.  This is a standardized numbering plan for the worldwide public switched telephone network (PSTN). It was developed so that associations around the world would have a standard format in which to express telephone numbers and is the primary standard that AVOXI uses. The format is the country code plus the number subtracting any preceding zeros. E.164 formatted phone numbers are limited to a maximum of fifteen digits.  

CLI Formatting

CLI (Caller Line Identification) should be displayed in the same format. This is only applicable if you using AVOXI as a SIP trunk provider. ** If your CLI or Calling number is not in the correct format calls will be rejected.

Below a few examples of numbers from different countries and their E.164 format and CLI:

  • International Country Calling code
    • +65, Singapore
  • Local Area code 
    • 3, Level 3 (+6531051234)

How to advertise your TrueLocal Number

Unlike Outbound calls to display your calls locally, you can display your numbers in Local Format vs E.164 format. Local Dialing in Singapore all you need to do is to remove the country code. For example: 

  • National Level 3 Numbers: 31234567

Product Limitations 

  • Only Level 3 numbers are available for this program. To know if this is a Level 3 or Level 6 number, check the third digit of your number, I.E + 65 3 1234567
  • If you already have a Singapore Level 3 National Number with AVOXI, please check with AVOXI if your number can be moved into the TrueLocal Number offering. In Singapore, this is possible with certain Numbers.  

Is Emergency Calling Available?

Emergency calling is not available using Singapore TrueLocal 2-Way Calling Number. If you require to make an emergency call please use a local phone like a mobile phone, calls will fail if you attempt to make Emergency calls.

Can you Port your number?

Porting is not currently available in Singapore.

Purchasing Requirements 

No Additional Documents are needed when buying this Product.

Regulatory Restrictions 

Currently, there are no Regulatory Restrictions known to AVOXI.

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