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AVOXI Core offers an affordable and reliable VoIP business phone system to take advantage of cloud PBX technology that enables an expansive business feature set, minimal upfront investment, and significant cost savings over traditional phone systems.                       
AVOXI Core lets your employees focus on the business with features such as call forwarding and call recording. Set up for users is easy—no technical expertise required.  
AVOXI Core offers not only setup ease, but also offers sophisticated call management with all the advanced features typically found in on-premise systems.                                      

Key Benefits           

AVOXI provides softphones and support services to help accelerate your setup time. Since the solution is cloud-based, AVOXI takes care of system upkeep and maintenance—your business stays updated with all the latest features and functionality. Additional benefits include:                    

  • Cost savings: Reduce cost from onsite PBX; no hardware updates or maintenance fees; handled by AVOXI via the cloud.
  • Quickly scalable: Easily scale as a business grows; just add new employees to system ▪ 24 x 7 technical support: live vs email; 15 minute response times
  • Business-class calling features: Business calling features included and accessible through an online dashboard                       
  • Flexible and accessible: only need access to the Internet; supports remote employees and helps ensure call continuity.                                                            

Select Features            

IVR/Auto Attendant

Ability to build phone menu systems, add call menus, transfer to voicemail and the flexibility to create and program rules to handle all of these features.

Control Panel                

Interface that allows administrators the choice to handle end-user settings; provides control of phone extensions to end-users for call forwarding and call recording retrieval.     

Time of Day Routing

Transfer and route incoming calls based on the time of day call received.

Call Forwarding

Re-direct a phone call to another platform such as a mobile phone, alternative office number or location.


Voicemail delivered to email inbox in .wav format                                                               

Conference Room

Three-way calling setup                                                       

Call Detail Viewing/Search  

Administrator view into the interface that provides call details and is search enabled

Hunt Groups

Set up an inbound call to route to a selected group of members to answer; select criteria for types/locations of calls to route to specific agents.                                     

Dial by Name Directory                                                        

Click on the name listed in the directory from the online interface to connect to call     

Find Me/Follow Me

Set up alternative phone numbers in the online interface that inbound calls roll over to if no answer on the first line.                                                       

Caller ID    

Specify a customer caller ID to show on outbound calls                                                                       





























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