Genius Unlimited Calling Plan

The Unlimited Package is available to all Contact and Enterprise Licenses holders for an additional $9.99 /number/month, which includes unlimited inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the United States and Canada using the Genius webphone. 

Product Restrictions / Limitations

  • Excludes hard to get numbers such as NYC 212, Toronto 416, and LA Exchanges.
  • Applies to DID numbers ONLY and excludes Toll Free numbers.
  • Certain locations such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are not included as free destinations.
  • If the Queue Callback feature is enabled the callback call will not be free of charge, however, the applicable terminating rate is substantially lower than the standard rate charged when dialing manually from the webphone. 
  • External forwarding / Forwarding to SIP is not included and additional termination fees may apply.
  • Acceptable Fair Usage: Unlimited calling is subject to terms and restrictions of the "Acceptable Fair Use Policy" of 3600 minutes per number per month, along with any other restrictions laid out in any carrier agreements, if applicable.  If for any reason, AVOXI believes the unlimited service is being used for prohibited purposes and/or the call usage volume violates the Fair Use Policy, then AVOXI may suspend your unlimited services. Wherever reasonably possible, AVOXI will provide you with a written notice before taking any such action, and may allow a reasonable period to allow you to modify such use.  

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