Number Order Management

AVOXI users can view recently ordered but not “available” numbers and in-stock numbers requiring additional documentation within the AVOXI online portal. This allows you to monitor order timelines, status updates, and action items without contacting the AVOXI team for status updates.

Available to both Voice & Contact Center Customers at no additional cost, the feature is designed to give you the ability to instantly view current and outstanding action items such as other documentation required.

Viewing your Active Orders 

  • Select the “Numbers” section in the left-side navigation bar to view your orders. 
  • This will redirect you to your organization’s “Number Dashboard.” 
  • On the “Orders” tab, you can now view all numbers on order or requirement documentation associated with your account.  Please note the following: 
    • The Orders Page sorts by order number in descending order
    • Orders can take up to 24 hours to appear in the Active Orders table.
  • Order Summary:  Here, you can view your number type and location.  Use the drop-down arrow to expand and view all for multiple number orders.
  • Order Number:  This is the order displayed on your confirmation email received at the time of purchase.  The name of the person who placed the order is displayed below the order number. 
  • Number Quantity: A summary of the numbers included in your order.
  • Action:  Instantly view if any action is required (view the status column for further information on the required action). 
  • Status: Instantly monitor your number status; use the below-detailed order status breakdown and timelines to learn more.  

Number Cancellation:  Currently, we do not automatically offer the ability to cancel a number within the AVOXI platform.  Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team, who will process your cancellation request.

Order Status & Timelines

  • Processing: This means the team is working with your order; if, however, over the “processing” icon, you can view the estimated lead time (this is based on the lead time displayed in the cart at the time of order.)
  • Canceled:  This number was canceled and will disappear from the Active Orders table after seven days.  
  • Completed:  This order has been provisioned to your active numbers and will disappear from the Active Orders table after seven days.
  • Pending Docs:  This number requires additional documentation; please send the requested documents to your Sales Representative.

Order Action

The Order Action is intended to indicate what orders require your attention. This is determined based on the Order Status.

  1. If the Order Status is Pending Docs, the Action is Action Required.
  2. Otherwise, the Action is No Action Required.

Viewing and Uploading Required Documents

Our interactive number portal lets you view required supporting documentation via the number profile page. With only a few clicks, you can instantly view a detailed list of required docs and upload them directly from your AVOXI platform. Once these are received and reviewed by our number team, the in-application status will automatically update. Use the below steps to view now:

  • On the “Order Status” page, click on the required number in the Order Summary column.
  • You can now view a detailed list of required documentation.
  • Select the tooltip (I) to view quicklinks to the required Letter of Intent (LOI) and additional informative guides on required documents.
  • NEW:  Guides can now be uploaded directly within your AVOXI online platform; select the upload arrow next to the relevant section and attach the required document.
  • Once all documents are uploaded, these will automatically be submitted for approval.
  • The “Status” will now reflect “Submitted.”
  •  Status “Rejected”: Once reviewed, any rejected documentation will reflect within the status column with the relevant note (i.e., your document has expired, please upload an updated document).

  • Alternatively, use the download button to reuse previously uploaded documents easily.


Confidentiality Setting - Anyone with permission to place a number will automatically be visible to the orders tab on the numbers page.  Due to confidentiality/data concerns (i.e., passports), our document management functionality only allows AVOXI Admins to view uploaded documents.  Use our Role-Based Access guide to review and update users’ permissions settings.

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