Viewing and Uploading Required Documents

Our interactive number portal lets you view required supporting documentation via the number profile page. With only a few clicks, you can instantly view a detailed list of required docs and upload them directly from your AVOXI platform. Once these are received and reviewed by our number team, the in-application status will automatically update. Use the below steps to view now:

  • On the “Order Status” page, click on the required number in the Order Summary column.
  • You can now view a detailed list of required documentation.
  • Select the tooltip (I) to view quicklinks to the required Letter of Intent (LOI) and additional informative guides on required documents.
  • NEW:  Guides can now be uploaded directly within your AVOXI online platform; select the upload arrow next to the relevant section and attach the required document.
  • Once all documents are uploaded, these will automatically be submitted for approval.
  • The “Status” will now reflect “Submitted.”
  •  Status “Rejected”: Once reviewed, any rejected documentation will reflect within the status column with the relevant note (i.e., your document has expired, please upload an updated document).

  • Alternatively, use the download button to reuse previously uploaded documents easily.


Confidentiality Setting - Anyone with permission to place a number will automatically be visible to the orders tab on the numbers page.  Due to confidentiality/data concerns (i.e., passports), our document management functionality only allows AVOXI Admins to view uploaded documents.  Use our Role-Based Access guide to review and update users’ permissions settings.

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July 12th, 2023


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