Call Insights Charges and Billing Example

The Call Insights Feature is available to all AVOXI customers, as an add-on feature and can be configured within your online application at an organizational level (not a number level).  Designed specifically to improve customer experience, the AVOXI Call Insights Dashboard shows weekly, monthly, and daily Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) on all answered calls. Admins have the ability to drill down into call details and review. Once activated, all completed calls will receive a quality score.  

Call Insights Pricing Plans

AVOXI offers three pricing plans to choose from, with packages based on estimated call volume and standard overage fees. Each package has a different number of included calls, and our plans range from a Basic package to the Advanced which is a larger, more dynamic business package. Once subscribers exceed a certain amount of calls that are included in their package, they are billed the applicable overage fee (this varies and is based on the select plan).

Free Trial Customers - 60 Days Free 

All new customers will automatically be signed up for a 60 day Free Trial on our Basic plan, which includes 1,000 calls.  All calls over 1000 will be charged an overage rate of $0.0100 per call.  An in-product feature banner will remind you how many days remain of your trial period. After which time you will automatically be billed the monthly recurring fee on the Basic plan.  AVOXI Admins have the ability to upgrade plans at any time via their online accounts. Use our Call Insights Free Trial guide to learn more.

Call Insights Billing Example

Call Insights subscriptions and usage charges are visible on the second page our your AVOXI Invoice.

  • The package can be located under the subscription section of your invoice (Basic, Standard, and Advanced).  This is a monthly recurring cost that is billed upfront.

  • The usage overage is billed in arrears and can be viewed under the "Call Insights Usage" section of your invoice.

  • Free Trial subscription will not reflect within the invoice however any overage fees will show under the Usage section with applicable overage fees (based on Basic Plan).

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