Team Activity Dashboard

AVOXI Admin users with a License can view Team Activity logs which can be filtered by date/time, the agent who handled the call,  team, team status, call duration, and caller ID.  (Without a License, the Admin user can only see the Company Activity)

Filter your Activity Dashboard using the below guide:

  • To access your Team Activity section on the left-side navigation.  (1)
  • Select the "Team Activity" tab that is located in the top navigator.  (2)
  • You can now search and review all Team activity logs using the following filters: (3)
    • Date: Use the date picker to filter by date and time, duration 
    • Number: the number that the call was From/To 
    • Handled By: using the drop-down filter by one or multiple agents 
    • Team:  All queues or specific queues using the drop-down. 
    • Team Status: filter by the type of call, i.e., Queue- Answered, Queue -Unanswered, Queue - Abandoned, and Agent No Answer"using the drop-down.
    • Disposition: filter using on or multiple dispositions
    • Wait Time:  The time from when the call enters a queue until an agent answers.
    • Time to Answer: The amount of time an inbound queue call rings until an agent answers it.
    • Duration: Minimum duration in seconds
    • Call-ID: Unique call identifier (AVOXI Tip: this is different from a SIP call ID).
  • When ready, select the"Search" button to complete your search.  (4)

NOTE: If call recordings settings are activated, all Team calls will automatically be recorded.  Click the "playback" to listen to the call recordings.  (AVOXI Tip: Users can pause recording within the phone application).

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July 29th, 2022


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