How to view my call activity

On the Individual Activity tab, Admins can review all call history, including the date and time, duration, who the call was from, and playback a recording of the call.  

To access your call activity, follow the below step-by-step guide

  • Once logged into your AVOXI platform, select the Activity section in the left-side navigation.
  • You will now be directed to the "My Activity" page.
  • Next, filter, search and review all call logs by:
    • Date Range: Date and time, duration
    • Number: The number that the call was "From" or "To"
    • Direction: Filter by inbound, outbound, or internal calls
    • Call Status:  Tells you the type of call, i.e., answered, unanswered, or voicemail.
    • Call ID: A unique call identifier for each call (AVOXI Tip: this is different from a SIP call ID).

To Download Call Recordings

  • Click the down arrow to download the call recording to your device.
  • All calls are automatically recorded, but users have the option to stop call recordingwithin the phone application.

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