Configuring Team Voicemails

Configure a voicemail for your team using custom voicemail greetings. Voicemails are forwarded to an email address of your choice. Use the below steps to get started:

Configure New Voicemail

  • On the Teams section select the team you wish to update.
  • On the "Settings" tab, select the "Voicemail" section.
  • Give your voicemail an easy to identify Name (this name will be included in the voicemail email body)
  • Choose your Greeting:  You have three options to choose from
    • Pick from Library
      • Choose one of our preloaded recordings by selecting the dropdown arrow 
      • Select Save Voicemail
      • Tip: You are able to preview and download audio files you uploaded by clicking the Play and Download button next to your selection
    • Record Voicemail Greeting
      • Record your own personal greeting. 
      • Select the record button to start recording. 
      • Once finished, select the stop button
      • You can playback your recording by selecting the "Play" button .
      • If you’re happy with the recording select Save Audio and then Save Voicemail.
    • Upload a File
      • Upload a file your company already has by simply dragging and dropping the file or selecting upload 
      • Then make sure to select Save Voicemail
      • Tip: Make sure your audio files are saved as .wav and delete any spaces or special characters from the file's name.
  • Email Address:  Enter the email address where voicemails will be sent.
    • When finished, select "Save Voicemail"

Preview Configured Voicemail

  • Use the play button to preview your configured voicemail greeting 
  • Use the "Reset" button to update this at any time.

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