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AVOXI is a browser-based application that requires a network connection to successfully receive and make phone calls.  The strength of the network connection can also impact the quality of these calls.  The Network Indicator in the webphone is available to provide a rough estimate of the user's network strength.

There are three network strength results that can be represented by the indicator.  These results are determined by the Bandwidth and the Round Trip Time of the network and are detailed below.


Indicated by three green bars, a Good connection exceeds the network requirements.  Bandwidth is above 0.2 Mbps and Round Trip Time is 100 ms or less.

  • Bandwidth: 0.2 Mbps or more
  • Round Trip Time: 100 ms or less


Indicated by two yellow bars, a Fair connection meets network requirements.  Bandwidth is between 0.1 - 0.2 Mbps and Round Trip Time is between 100 - 150 ms.

  • Bandwidth: 0.1 - 0.2 Mbps
  • Round Trip Time: 100 - 150 ms


Indicated by a single red bar, a Poor connection is below network requirements.  Bandwidth is below 0.1 Mbps and Round Trip Time is above 150 ms.

  • Bandwidth: less than 0.1 Mbps
  • Round Trip Time: more than 150ms.

Note:  Both the Bandwidth and the Round Trip Time must meet the requirements for each network strength result.  If they don't, the lesser of the two is used to determine the network strength results. 

Hovering over the indicator will provide the corresponding Bandwidth and Round Trip Time for the current network strength.  An example Good network connection is below:

When the network strength is Poor, the network details will be provided along with recommendations for improving the network strength.  More information on these recommendations can be found at the following link: Network and Connecting Issues

An example of a Poor network connection is below:

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