Why aren't ITFS phone numbers accessible in every country?

International Toll Free Numbers are country-specific. For example, an Australia International Toll Free Number is specific to Australia, meaning only callers within that country can take advantage of its toll free calling functionality. Therefore, if you have customers in different countries across the world, you want a solution that includes more than one phone number.

Solution #1: 

The most popular remedy for the country-specific problem is to purchase a toll free number for each country in which you have customers. For example, if you have customers concentrated in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, purchase an ITFS phone number for each of these countries.  Alternatively, Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) phone number offer an option to multiple international toll free numbers. With UIFN, you get ITFS numbers in each country, but the numbers all have the same dial code. For example, customers in France dial the same number as customers in Germany.  This makes it easy for your marketing and support materials and web sites to show a single number.

The UIFN number format has a 3-digit country code followed by an 8-digit numerical code. This is not always easy to recognize as a toll-free number but it is, in fact, toll free to the caller. There are approximately 50 countries in which a UIFN number is available. 

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March 23rd, 2020


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