Local Virtual Numbers (DID, DDI)

Local phone numbers are also known as DDI/DID numbers, meaning direct inward dialing. Specific to a particular city, these virtual phone numbers work like regular local numbers and give businesses the ability to forward inbound calls internationally or locally to an existing business line or mobile device. This allows callers to contact your business at the same rate as a local phone call, regardless of their location. DID numbers are popular with companies wanting to establish a local appearance in a specific region without needing a physical place or office.  

Benefits of Local Numbers

  • Local phone numbers give your business a geographical presence in particular target markets and make your company more accessible to individuals in local and international areas. 
  • They help businesses create a local presence without the cost of and red-tape of a physical location.
  • Local phone numbers are a cost-effective business expansion tool.
  • In most cases, DID numbers are cheaper.
  • Help make your business accessible to customers across the world.

Local Number Portability

Local number porting allows businesses to switch service providers and keep their numbers. DID number porting has two phases.  

  1. Release the phone number from the existing carrier. 
  2. Move the number over to the new carrier. 

A brief step-by-step guide to Local Virtual Number Porting: 


  • The winning service provider notifies the existing service provider of the requested port.
  • The existing provider is asked to validate the customer's information.
  • The existing provider confirms the customer's information with the winning service provider. (Note: if the   information is not submitted correctly, this can delay the process.) 
  • The winning provider notifies the Number Portability Administrative Centre (NPAC) of the requested port.
  • The NPAC creates a pending port and sends a notification to the existing service provider.
  • The winning service provider notifies the NPAC to activate the port.
  • The pending port is activated in the NPAC and instantly broadcast to the telecommunications industry network.

Who Can Call My Phone Number: DID Numbers

Although local, these numbers are accessible from almost anywhere in the world, so local callers pay a standard local calling fee. For other customers, their cost varies based on their geographic location. So, for example, someone in the US calling a Paris, France DID will pay an international calling fee.

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