What is the set up process when there are end user registration requirements involved?

Based on country specific regulations, some virtual numbers require the virtual number user be located within the same region as the numbers they are purchasing. 

In addition virtual numbers purchased by a business entity may need to provide proof of address  and business registrations documents.

To reduce disruptions, all Number Regulations and accessibility guidelines are displayed in our online shopping cart.  With most numbers being:

  • Accessible from mobile networks
  • Accessible from outside country
  • Having no geographical restrictions 

For a refresher on your number’s coverage and restrictions, simply go to the online shopping cart and select a similar number (same country and number type) 

Then, click on the “IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS NUMBER” link. The pop-up window provides the coverage and restrictions related to the number type and geography.

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September 20th, 2019


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