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AVOXI SMS business texting gives your company the ability to receive and respond to incoming text messages in email format. Purchase and set up local or toll free text-enabled virtual numbers online and you can instantly forward your SMS messages to any email address. From your email, you can respond and your messages will automatically be converted to SMS format. This service feature is designed to help your business improve its customer service by providing real-time customer interaction, alleviating hold times and offering a convenient way for customers to connect with you. Available in 6 price plans with options suitable for businesses of any size, creating a seamless customer experience that delivers intelligent, personalized text interactions have never been easier.

How Does SMS Forwarding Work?

  • SMS forwarding works by routing incoming text messages to the recipient's email address as set up in their AVOXI Genius online portal.
  • All logos, pictures and email signatures will be removed from the reply message making it look like a “text message”.
  • This allows you near real-time conversations with your customers using a communication method they already utilize and prefer.
  • Messages can be up to 160 characters long, anything longer will be broken into two messages with inbound messages and outbound responses being charged as two individual messages.

Key benefits that make SMS valuable to your business:

  • Immediately increase customer satisfaction ratings by adding SMS to your toll-free and local numbers as a way to instantly connect with customers.
  • Personalize and humanize your communication and increase engagement by utilizing the platform customers already use every day. 
  • SMS open rates are as high as 98% and read in 90 seconds and polls also predict that by the end of 2020, 85% of interactions between brands and customers will be managed without speaking.
  • 71% of consumers think SMS is an effective way to communicate with a business, while 68% of consumers would like to use mobile messaging to contact a company regarding billing questions or concerns.
  • Please note our product offering is not ideal for companies who want to use it for blast marketing messages,  automated doctors appointment reminders, chatbots or virtual assistants, blast notifications, one-time passwords (OTPs), or PIN codes and it can not be used for Whatsapp.


AVOXI offers SMS forwarding for business use and the service can be added to US and Canada virtual numbers upon purchase via our online shopping cart. Our user-friendly Genius online interface allows customers to control their forwarding email address and activate SMS on additional numbers if required. For more information visit:

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