I am receiving Spam Calls on my AVOXI Number

Occasionally, AVOXI virtual phone numbers receive unwanted telemarketing and spam calls.  Unwanted call costs money for the contact center agents' time and the minutes themselves.  To reduce spam calls, AVOXI holds previously owned numbers for 60 days before re-instating them into inventory.  To avoid unwanted calls and improve agent productivity, we recommend enabling and configuring call blocking rules within your AVOXI portal. 

Blocking Incoming Calls

Call block is an easy-to-use number management tool that allows Admins to configure call blocking rules within their AVOXI portal in real-time; the feature is available to all AVOXI account holders and does not require an Enterprise or Contact Licenses.  Any phone numbers added to the block list are immediately blocked.  By blocking unwanted calls, contact center supervisors can minimize call volume and allow agents to focus on real customers; with fewer unqualified calls in the call queue, customers spend less time on hold, and your agents spend more time on the phone with the right callers.  Block numbers using our guide  Call Screening and Call Blocking in AVOXI.

Calls from Strange Numbers

Learn more about calls from unknown numbers and what they mean.

Buy a New AVOXI Phone Number

If you continue having repeat issues, you can always cancel your existing number and buy a new one.

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