AVOXI Security and Fraud Control

At AVOXI, we take your privacy and security seriously; here is a summary of some measures and tools we use to prevent, contain and eradicate Toll-Fraud.  Use the below links to skip directly to a section for further information:

What is Toll-Fraud? 

Toll fraud or IRSF (international revenue-sharing fraud) is an illegal activity in which fraudsters produce a high volume of international calls on premium routes, generating increased income produced by this activity.

Security First!

AVOXI has implemented rigorous information security controls and practices to protect the privacy, security, availability, and integrity of data from guaranteeing the trust and safety of our clients.

AVOXI Platform and WebRTC

Our AVOXI product uses WebRTC as its framework. Unlike other VoIP technologies, encryption is mandatory in WebRTC. All data exchanged between your web browser and our servers are encrypted with the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP). SRTP encrypts the session so no one can decode the message without the proper encryption keys.

Take control of your traffic with AVOXI DenyList.

DenyList is an AVOXI platform tool that allows you to control the outgoing flow of your calls by blocking premium route destinations that are not within your business objective. You can deny or allow calls to any destination with just one click. Please read our user guide for more information about blocking inbound and outbound traffic.

Immediate access to your Call Detail Records

Access your Call Detail Records (CDR) and call center analytics anytime, anywhere. AVOXI platform provides 24/7 365 access to your call details and analytics that help you determine the regular activity of your business. 

Credit Limits

Your account in the AVOXI platform utilizes credit limits, not a sign of mistrust; they are the last defense line in a fraud situation. In addition, they use dynamic authorizations that calculate your account's use and remaining balance. Credit limits also contain warning thresholds, which will notify you via email when your account has reached 80, 85, 90, 95, and 98% of total consumption.

Fraud Monitoring

AVOXI invests people and technology resources to identify, prevent, repress, and mitigate toll fraud. Our systems identify attack patterns via proprietary traffic analysis algorithms. Customer calls' behavior is subjected to different analyses to identify suspicious activity. In addition, we have an automated alert system that detects unusual telephone activity, and these incidents are subjected to investigation and verification by our fraud control team.

Pay securely with the AVOXI Platform.

AVOXI does not store your credit card details; we use a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payment processor that stores credit card details (or other payment information) and issues a token instead. A token does not contain actual credit card details but serves as the card identifier for the payment processor. AVOXI platform stores this token and sends it to the payment processor when an end-user pays for an online service. Based on the token, the payment processor retrieves the necessary payment data and completes the transaction.

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