Why are my incoming calls being routed incorrectly?

AVOXI extension call forwarding feature gives users/agents the ability to automatically route inbound phone calls to an external number, user extension, or voicemail.  If you notice that calls are being routed incorrectly, use our below troubleshooting steps to ensure the call forwarding rules on your extension have been set correctly.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Is your rule been disabled?

Has your rule be toggle ON to temporarily disable the forwarding rule. 

  • Have you set "specific" "Active Times"

Check if you have set specific days and times your rule should be active. To prevent forwarding conflicts, make sure none of your active times overlap.

  • How is your "Rule Timeout" set?

Check how many seconds the call should ring before the next rule is applied or the call is diverted to an alternate destination such as a voicemail (as a rule of thumb 5 seconds is one ring. We recommend at least 30 seconds for optimal configuration). 

Zero (0) will set the rule to never timeout. When forwarding to a Call Queue or a Virtual attendant, this timeout will NOT be taken into account. 

  • Are you forwarding to Voicemail?

    Voicemail cannot be enabled in a Call Forwarding rule until the voicemail feature has been configured.  Use the following guide to set up your voicemail. 

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