AVOXI's Improved Left Navigation Bar | January 2022

We are excited to launch our new and improved left-hand navigation bar, specifically designed based on our customer's behavior and feedback. View the modifications and updates to your navigation experience below, and please feel free to leave us feedback on this page! 

Key changes to navigation include:

  • A cleanmodernized visual experience.
  • The new 'Home' page will be the default landing page upon login and take you directly to your account settings.
  • Categorized navigation based on 'Reporting' and 'Main' configuration pages to create an organized workflow based on your needs. 

  • New 'API' section to enable and build programmable APIs for embedded voice and messaging into your business workflows.  Use our informative guide to learn more about API Access and Token Management.

  • Note that the 'License' page has been moved from the left navigation bar to the 'Home' page under the settings tab. You can also find this page by clicking a new button on the 'Users' page. Learn more about this change here. 

Give it a try and please feel free to leave us feedback on this new feature here!

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January 12th, 2022


Samantha Dyer

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Samantha Dyer



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