AVOXI August News: Call Coaching, Zendesk Integration & More

Managing Your Team Just Got Easier with Call Coaching and Live Dashboards

Those who manage support and sales teams know how important it is to monitor team performance in real-time. They also understand the need for tools that then enable them to act on such data and coach their agents on the spot. AVOXI customers can now do both!

  • Live Dashboards: Quickly evaluate Teams and specific agent metrics like call volume, average wait time, and total talk time for any given period to proactively identify where resources should be allocated. Learn more here. 

  • Call Coaching: Accelerate the on-boarding time of new employees, elevate customer experience, and seamlessly enter client conversations when your reps need help! Learn more about Call Monitoring, Whisper, and Barge here.

Introducing our Latest Help Desk Integration - Zendesk

Ready to streamline customer satisfaction? With our latest Zendesk integration, customers can now remove tedious agent call logging, increase visibility across customer data points to better tailor customer conversations, and the best part - it only requires a few clicks to get started! Don’t forget about other recent integrations, including Salesforce, Dynamics, Zoho. Check these out!

In Case You Missed It: Call Queues are Now, Teams

We’re on a mission to build a collaborative contact center that reimagines how teams work together, and our switch from Queues to Teams helps us do just that. And while the name has been updated, the functionality is still the exact same! Learn more about creating Team.

Insider Tips for Reducing Your Subscription Costs

Looking for ways to save on your next invoice? Here are a few insider tips to consider:

  • (New) Annual subscriptions: save up to 20% just by switching to an annual service plan.

  • (New) Unlimited Call Recording: If you’re currently leveraging our call recording feature, expect to see immediate savings on your next invoice! Beginning this month, we’ve eliminated the $0.02 per recording/per minute charge and are now storing call recordings for free. Not currently taking advantage of this feature? Now is the time to add it!

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August 20th, 2020


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