Viewing Company Call Activity

Admins can view the Company Activity that displays call activity for the entire organization. 

  1. To access your company call activity, select the "Activity" section located on the left-side navigation.
  2. Select the "Company Activity" tab in the top navigator.
  3. You can now filter, search, and review all "Company Activity" by:
    • Date Range: date and time, duration
    • Number: the number that the call was From/To
    • User: select a specific "User: using the drop-down with the ability to add multiple selections at once
    • Direction: search by inbound, outbound, or internal calls
    • Call Status: filter by the type of call, i.e., answered, unanswered, and voicemail, using the drop-down.
    • Duration: allows you to filter by call duration
    • Caller ID: Unique call identifier (Genius Tip: this is different from a SIP call ID).
  4. On completion, click the blue "Search" button 
  5. Use the three dots to download your report to a CVS file
  6. When the Call recording feature is enabled, all calls will record; use the "down-arrow" to download call recordings

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July 29th, 2022


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