Bulk Update Call Forwarding Rules

Using the “Bulk Forwarding Update” feature, AVOXI Administrators can edit multiple numbers’ to apply specific call forwarding rule(s) configuration to numerous numbers. The popular time-saving feature is available to all AVOXI users (no license required), making forwarding on multiple numbers or complex configurations quick and easy.  

Use the below steps to get started:

  • Begin by logging in to your AVOXI Account
  • Once successfully logged in, click the Numbers tab on the left-hand navigation bar.  
  • Then, using the checkboxes, select the phone number you wish to configure your Call Forwarding. 
  • Next, click the three-dot drop-down, and choose the ‘Modify Forwarding Rules’ option. 
  • You can now configure your desired Call Forwarding Rules on the selected numbers.
  • Note: Rules can support multiple active times 

  • When ready, click “SAVE” to apply forwarding rules to all selected numbers.
  • A pop-up will appear at the top of your numbers page.


WARNING: When updating the Call Forwarding rules on multiple numbers, all existing rules will be replaced (this action can not be undone).  If the number was assigned to a user, the bulk update will automatically unassing the number.

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August 10th, 2023


Louise Ross

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