AVOXI API Overview

Take control of your AVOXI Genius data with our APIs. Now you can get out a wide variety of data from your Genius platform including: call detail reports for each call, live team data to see the current status of each team and agent, number information on your numbers and their test results, updates on your orders and their current status, provisioning information about your numbers, alerts of key information from Genius, and SIP setup data.

Our APIs enable you to pull this data into your organization’s favorite data tool such as PowerBI, Tableau, or others and combine it with additional data from your organization to create interactive dashboards with up-to-date information about your Genius activity. You can even utilize this information to integrate your AVOXI Genius data into other applications of your choice.

Some common examples of how our customers have used this data include:
  • Live team wallboard for display in call centers to let your agents see the status of the queue and agent activity
  • Integration into records systems to show cases which have come in and the related calls (and even recordings) for each case
  • Pull together number information from Genius and anywhere else to have a full view into your number inventory along with any orders in progress
  • Create a key information dashboard with any up-to-date information combining live team data, alerts, and order information to keep an eye of everything voice-related at your organization
An example on how to pull Live API data into PowerBI can be viewed here! 
In-depth technical documentation for developers can be viewed here! 

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September 26th, 2023


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