China Number Termination Restrictions & Requirements

China Number Termination Restrictions & Requirements

In the second half of 2019,  China's regulatory body, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)  changed its outbound calling regulations, to only accept conversational traffic from known callers. These changes may result in select calls being incorrectly flagged as fraudulent, junk, or spam by the Chinese regulators.

How to Avoid Calls Being Blocked

First, in order to make outbound calls to China using a Chinese caller ID (CLI), you must be pre-authorized by AVOXI. AVOXI will supply you with your very own CLI/Inbound Number with the ability to make outbound calls. 

If you are attempting to make outbound calls with a Chinese CLI and have not already been pre-authorized or are not using the CLI provided to you by AVOXI, your calls will be blocked. In order to get pre-authorized, please contact your AVOXI account manager. 

Regulatory standards to avoid having your calls to China blocked:

  • CLI must be in International format, with the Country code followed by the number.
  • CLI can not be unavailable or Blocked.    
  • CLI can not start with a leading 0.
  • CLI can not be a US Toll-Free Number.
  • Short Duration calls can be viewed as Spam traffic.
  • Any Call Patterns that are viewed as Spam can and will be blocked
  • Duplicate calls from the same CLI to the same number will be viewed as Spam
  • If you are calling China with a China caller ID (CLI) you are required to get pre-authorized with AVOXI.  
  • If you have a high volume of unanswered calls (ASR—answer seizure ratio), your traffic may be blocked.
  • Avoid short calls with a call duration of under 3 minutes. 
  • As China is an ANI sensitive destination, calls from a dialer, testing tool, testing API, CC or any other ANI which is not a genuine user’s phone number will be blocked.
  • Avoid repeated high volume calls made from the same origination number within an hour.
  • Avoid using a toll-free number as your caller ID (CLI).
  • Avoid using your number for unsolicited marketing calls.
  • Avoid using for calling-card applications.

Local China Termination Requirements

  • Picture of the person holding their Passport (must be able to see their face and passport page).

  • An LOI that includes:

    • Company profile (Business name and a Contact Phone Number).

    • Traffic profile, Why are you wanting to call China.

    • PABX type

    • Volume 

    • Expected Call Duration.

    • CLI that is going to be passed.

    • Company Address  (street, building number, postal code, city).

    • Must be provided to us on a Company letterhead.

    • This has to be given to us by the end-user.

  • Once the above documentation is received this will be forwarded to our carrier.

What does my China number look like?

China's international dialing code is +86. The most popular toll-free services in China include the 400 number prefix, though 800 toll-free numbers are also available. Mobile phone numbers have 11 digits, while local numbers may have between 8 and 11 digits.

Are China numbers mobile accessible?

China 400 numbers are the favored substitute to 800 toll-free numbers. A single 400 number can be reached from a landline and mobile devices anywhere in mainland China. 400 numbers are shared-cost, meaning callers only pay local call rates. To learn more visit 800 vs 400 Numbers in China.

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