Monitoring Call Journey

AVOXI’s Call Journey functionality gives Enterprise and Contact License holders the ability to track each call's journey from when it enters the contact center until the call is terminated. Visible to AVOXI Administrators and users with access to Call Details at no additional cost.  

  • With instant visibility to critical information about the call and related queue, Contact Center managers can instantly get an overview of the customer's journey. 
  • Quickly identify call routing issues and poor agent performance. In addition, customers can get a high-level view of call flows by date, time, and agent using the Analytics Dashboard. 
  • Dig down into the call flow to identify gaps within the contact center call queue and better understand Agent performance and peak call times.  

Understanding a Call Journey

The Call Journey functionality shows:

  • Call start/end time

  • IVR Events - IVR start time, keypresses (valid/invalid), and call destination

  • Team Events - start time, team called, agents rang, and who answered

  • Blind Transfer - transfer time, who initiated the transfer, and what agent/ext/team the call was transferred to

  • Ability to see all dispositions that were made on a call

  • Markers on the call recording visualizer indicate the point at which an event occurred

Reviewing Call Journey within an Activity Report

  • Navigate to 'Activity' and select a call to view the Call Details.

  • Scroll down in the Call Details modal to view 'Call Journey.' Expand/collapse to view or hide the call flow details.

  • Markers in the call recording visualizer are tied to call events. Clicking on any of the markers will redirect you to the section of the call journey where that event occurred.

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