Forwarding to SIP FAQ's

Will all inbound calls be diverted to all the signed and active SIP devices and programs at that moment? 

Each Avoxi number is configured separately but honors all current forwarding rules

WIll the outbound portion of an international call be cheaper when forwarding to SIP?

Yes,  we do not charge to terminate rates to SIP. 

If nobody answers the call by means of a SIP device will the call be redirected - if so to where? 

It depends on the timeout destination and forwarding rules configuration set up in Genius

If it is busy the call will the call be diverted to voicemail where a caller can leave a message? 

Yes, only if setup in Genius either through timeout destination or rules configuration

What is the difference between UDP and TCP?

By default, VoIP calls forwarded over AVOXI's network have been done so through a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) connection. This is the industry standard and the connection type most commonly recommended for VoIP users. However - due to personal preference, familiarity, local restrictions, or business need – some customers would like to have calls forwarded using a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).  Learn more here! 

Does AVOXI support TLS?

Yes, but only on the AVOXI Genius platform.   TLS only allows SIP entities to authenticate servers to which they are adjacent.  Establishing a TLS connection authenticates both transport endpoints but does not authenticate the SIP messages flowing through the link.

What does AVOXI Genius not support?

We do not support SRTP (encrypted media).  We do however support encrypted signaling via TLS.

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