Disposition FAQ's

What is the maximum size of notes?  

The maximum size is currently 32,000 

What language do notes support? 

English with basic character sets

How are notes saved?  

These are saved using an autosave functionality

Can supervisors/managers add notes to internal calls?  


Can you set dispositions at an org level for select agents?  

No. When configured dispositions apply to all agents in the organization. In other words, the Support and Sales teams will share the same org-level dispositions.  It is therefore important to create dispositions that are general and can be used for more than one team.

Do we have a timer?  

No, we do not currently have a timer that can be set/adjusted.

Can you compile a report on notes?  

No these would need to be viewed individually.

What happens if dispositions are set on a team and inbound/outbound dispositions are also configured?  

Queue call dispositions will always supersede inbound or outbound calls.

Can you edit a disposition/note after selecting submit?  

No, once the disposition or note has been submitted this is final and can not be changed.

How long does it take for a note to appear within my CRM after submission by the agent?  

As this is a text field the transfer should be no longer than 2 to 3 minutes.

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July 9th, 2021


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