Processing Payments on a Call (PCI) Compliance

The PCI Security Standards is also known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security, which is an information security standard that is mandated by major credit card providers with the intent to protect cardholders' data.  

AVOXI is PCI compliant meaning we provide you and your customers with a secure payment mechanism.  Agents/users can also pause call recordings when receiving credit card information via their phone, ensuring neither AVOXI nor the agent will have future access to it.

Please note, organizations handling credit card information should follow the security best practices, laid out by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council Policy  PCI DSS 3.2.1 in which suggests:
  • A 15-minute sessions timeout (section 8.1.8), 
  • That passwords should be rotated every 90 days (section 8.2.4), and
  • Users should not be able to reuse the last 4 passwords (section 8.2.5).

Use our detailed Security Control Settings for PCI Compliance to learn more about the prerequisites,  configuring your security settings, and the additional steps your organization and its employees can take to mitigate risks. 

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