AVOXI News March 2021: Expanded Number Coverage, China Intra Country Calling and IVR Reporting

Global businesses rely on AVOXI for our reliable voice and messaging across 170+ countries. As a valued customer, we want to keep you informed on our new number types and platform functionality to simplify your daily work. Read more below!


Expanded Number Availability in 20+ Countries including the United Arab Emirates


Did you know that mobile numbers (issued on a specific mobile range) offer a great alternative to national toll-free and DIDs and allow you to establish a national presence with a nationwide calling option?


Customers can now access availability in countries like Germany, France, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Denmark, and Finland! Access AVOXI’s full mobile inventory here.  


Bonus: mobile numbers in Germany and France give you the local calling option without the typically required proof of physical presence.


Leverage IVR Reporting to Enhance Customer Experience


Curious to see how callers are flowing through your number and Virtual Attendant Menu? With our latest reporting capability, customers can easily analyze the call prompts that are receiving the highest traffic, identify potential loops in your IVR and understand where you are receiving the highest call abandon rates are happening.


Leverage this reporting to ensure your callers are able to connect with the right person the first time. Learn more here.


(Coming Soon) Voice Integration with Microsoft Teams

Does your company use Microsoft Teams? Do you want to integrate AVOXI numbers with Teams through Teams Direct Connects?

If so, join our Pilot Program and get exclusive access You’ll get the opportunity to try Microsoft Teams Direct Connect before anyone else and your feedback will provide critical intelligence to help guide its functionality! Email us at pilotprogram@avoxi.com to reserve your spot today.


China Updates for Intra Country Voice Services

China is one of the world's largest economies but many companies struggle to understand the rules to play in this highly regulated market. AVOXI has a great team in China and is here to help you succeed in this 14 trillion dollar market.

There are several types of numbers available in China including DIDs for local cities, 800 services, and China 400 numbers. China 800 numbers are not often used because they require two numbers to cover the whole country. China 400 numbers are the popular alternative to 800 numbers for toll free calling in China. A single 400 number covers all of China and is accessible from landlines and mobile phones. China also has very specific rules around intercountry termination.

AVOXI is currently piloting a product called China True local which allows for intracountry local 2-way voice services in China. If you would like to learn more about the regulatory and market environment in China - sign up for our 30-minute webinar here.


Manage Remote Employees with AVOXI Contact Center

Looking for an easier way to manage your inbound and outbound communications with your remote workforce? Do you need to set up your employees from home without any complicated hardware, or are you looking to easily see your customer calls and all of your tools? Try AVOXI’s cloud contact center software today.

With intelligent routing, remote management features, live dashboards, and the ability to integrate essential tools across popular CRMs, customer success and IT leaders are leveraging this platform daily to improve their customer experience and agent performance. Connect with your account manager today to learn more!

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March 12th, 2021


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