AVOXI Licenses and Features

AVOXI balances quality and budget while delivering contact center capabilities unavailable from outdated legacy systems.  It was designed to transform the customer experience of any contact center, regardless of size.  With enhanced yet simple to use call management features, it aims to create a user-friendly journey for employees and customers. 

AVOXI Licenses

AVOXI users that wish to make/receive calls require a license.  We offer two different licenses types: 

  • Contact: $24.99 /license/month ($19.99 /license/yearly) with a 3 license minimum
  • Enterprise: $49.99 /user/month ($39.99/user/yearly) with a 3 license minimum  

Admins can upgrade and add licenses anytime via the AVOXI online portal.

Agent Onboarding Fee

The Agent Onboarding fee is a professional services one-time charge for new customers adding AVOXI contact center licenses or existing customers adding additional licenses (agent onboarding fee).  The onboarding fee includes AVOXI's "white glove" onboarding program that provides you and your agents with the support and resources needed to ensure a worry-free and successful platform implementation.

The initial onboarding fee for new customers is $149.99 for up to 6 licenses. 

  • Then $24.99 per license for any additional licenses over 6. 
  • After this initial purchase, the one-time agent onboarding cost is $24.99 per license.

What is included in the Onboarding Fee?

In the first 90 days, many benefits are provided, including the following:

Dedicated Customer Implementation Manager

Every new customer on the AVOXI platform is assigned a dedicated customer implementation manager who is readily available to answer any questions during the onboarding.

Live Training

Up to 6 hours of live, hands-on platform training is provided for agents, admins, and supervisors to ensure all team members become platform experts within the first 60 days.

Hands-On Configuration Assistance

The implementation manager is available for a deep dive into the setup to ensure calls are routing correctly and that the account is configured to meet any unique business needs.

Product Roadmap Input

AVOXI collaborates with every new customer to identify opportunities for innovation.  The Implementation Manager will assess new feature needs and act as an advocate for their customers, so all feedback is received.

Access to AVOXI Academy & Platform Certification

The AVOXI Academy provides a searchable resource center to answer any questions quickly.

Best-in-Class Customer Support

With defined escalation paths and always-on support, multi-channel and multi-lingual support is available 24/7/365.

Features by License

Each license provides access to features within the AVOXI platform, with role settings determining user permissions.  Learn more here!

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