AVOXI - Zoho Integration

The AVOXI Genius integration with Zoho allows organizations to bring together their voice and CRM platforms seamlessly.  By integrating these technologies, users can focus on voice communication with AVOXI Genius and have their customer management and call activity workflow in sync and automatically updated in Zoho.

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AVOXI - Zoho Integration Overview

The first feature of the AVOXI Genius and Zoho integration is the Screen Pop, where Contacts, Accounts, and Leads stored in Zoho are displayed in realtime in the Genius webphone when an agent receives or places a call.  Using the caller ID of the incoming call, the integration leverages an API to reference any Contact, Account, or Lead in Zoho with the same phone number and displays that user to the Agent.  From there, an agent can provide a personalized greeting and confirm contact information right away.  

In addition, a link is provided to the agent to quickly access the customer or prospect's page in Zoho giving the agent quick and comprehensive access to all the recent activity of the caller.  If the agent is making an outbound call, they can utilize the "Click-to-Call" feature to quickly dial a customer or prospect in Zoho and all of the user's information will also be available within the webphone throughout the call. If the agent ever navigates away from the customer or prospect's page and needs to quickly access it again, the same link is available directing the agent back to the page with all of the relevant information and activity for the Contact, Account, or Lead.

Automated Workflow

In addition to personalized communication, the call activity workflow in Zoho is also automated by the integration.  Using the same API setup for the Screen Pop feature, the Call Logging Automation will automatically create a call activity in Zoho from a call in the AVOXI Genius voice platform.  

This allows agents to focus on the call and not worry about separate tasks or switching platforms.  Creating the call activity is done automatically and created as a Genius Autologged call with all of the relevant call information saved in the activity to be easily accessed at any time after the call.  Automating this workflow not only saves the agent time but also prevents the possibility of manual errors from data entry or context switching.  Providing this personalized communication and automated workflow through the seamless integration with AVOXI Genius and Zoho is also easy to set up and can be done in minutes. 

Stay tuned for our easy to follow guide on 'How to Install the Zoho Integration'.

Coming Soon!

The AVOXI Genius integrations are always growing and being enhanced and the Zoho integration is no exception.  In upcoming releases, more features will be available for the Zoho integration including some noted below:

  • Automatically creating a call activity in a new tab at the beginning of every call for even faster agent access
  • Configuring different Status and Priorities for automated Task/Activity creation.  For example, creating an Inbound Answered call with a Status of 'In Progress' with a Priority of 'Normal'.  Or creating an Outbound Unanswered call with a Status of 'Deferred' with a Priority of 'High'.
  • Creating a new Contact, Account, or Lead in Zoho for calls where no matching record is found with the corresponding caller ID or number dialed.

AVOXI-Zoho Activation Guide

Using AVOXI-ZOHO CRM integration your support and sales teams can now manage all of their customer conversations in a single platform. ZOHO  integration enables you to remove tedious agent call logging and increase visibility into your customer profile to better tailor conversations.  Learn more

The CRM Integration feature is included in available to all license holders, use our easy to follow guide to view, purchase, or upgrade a license.

  • Your connection can be accessed via the Integrations page on the left-hand navigation bar of your AVOXI online account.  
  • As an Admin you can use the"connect" button located under the ZOHO tab and then follow the in-product step-by-step guide.

If the CRM/Helpdesk Integration platform that is required is not available, Admins/Supervisors can request it using the "request" button located under the required integration. 

Add additional notes and select the "Submit" button when complete.

Viewing your ZOHO CRM Settings

To view your ZOHO settings, select the "Settings" button on your active integration located under the "Manage" tab.

Next, select the "Settings" tab

Here you can view and manage your Integration "Workflow Settings" and "Screen Pop Templates". 

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